Realty Market of India attracts Indians in Japan

July 4, 2021

We know Japan as “The LAND OF THE RISING SUN”. Japan’s rich culture, their practices, and minimalist lifestyle fascinate us all. It becomes more intriguing when you are already in Japan, living a healthy lifestyle, and experiencing life’s synergy into your work and in your personal life. The serenity and ambience of this Country, conventional yet equipped with the world’s modern technology and futuristic approach, has influenced many lives. These blessed lives are the ones who have migrated to Japan for work, however, they will have to return to their homeland post-retirement.

ABODE for Your Retirement- Krisumi Waterfall Residences

The joint venture of Japan’s pioneer Sumitomo Corporation and Krishna Group, India, has developed Krisumi Waterfall Residences. In this collaboration, they have attempted to bring the real-time experience inspired by the Japanese Lifestyle. The architecture has orchestrated by keeping fundamentals in consideration like Hikari and KAGE, Japanese Stroll Garden, and more.

Krisumi Waterfall Residences

This Classy residential project fulfils the desire to spend the rest of your life at the place which is imbibed by the culture and style of Asia’s best Country in the World. What else could be more rewarding than living in an exclusive Home especially built and designed for you? Even the upholstery narrates the story and adds significance to your life. We all have thought of how we are going to have retirement, the home surroundings, and its connectivity to the most desired places. We wish to party, dance, and have a romantic dinner with our better half, chilling with our childhood friends and welcome new ones into our life. Since you have already spent most of your age working in the most holistic environment. Now, while returning to your Homeland India, you deserve to maintain the same standards and have a blissful life. Krisumi Waterfall Residences is offering your dream home, with the ease of traveling to Delhi to meet and greet your old friends or hopping to paranthe wali gali in Chandni Chowk or Old Coffee Joint at INA or Shopping in Kamla Nagar Market. All your favourite spots are within your reach for not over 28 minutes.

You need an abode where you can experience eternal peace within and recreate your memories by exploring and fulfilling your wishes on your wish list to give exhilarating happiness to the inner child in you.

An Investment Opportunity for Indians based in Japan

Krisumi Waterfall Residences is giving you a Lifetime opportunity to invest in a project which will always be close to your heart. The most rewarding residential project in Delhi-NCR, at Dwarka Expressway Gurugram, has exponential opportunities to proffer. For an Indian-based in Japan, when you are looking for viable projects to invest in, then the answer is Krisumi Waterfalls. This project has enticed enough attention in Realtors, for an obvious reason that is the highest returns on Investment.

Why? Because of the proximity of traveling to the International Airport, daily commuters shall save time traveling to Delhi. Over the decades Gurugram has become the hub to Fortune 500 companies and constant development of the World-class IT sector, Hospitals, Institutions, Industries are raising the bar in Real Estate Development Industry. With the connecting Metro from Gurugram to Delhi, Central Delhi has come within the reach, which has given sound reason for people to migrate to this part of India. From the investor’s point of view, this project is an ideal deal for personal usage and for assured returns on investment in the future to come. In years to come, one should expect historical appreciation in this project, as it is one of the preeminent luxurious first in India, Japanese Style residential project. The Core team of Japanese Experts leads this project with the mindful collaboration of the Indian Company.

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