Is it wise to make an Investment in Gurugram Plots?

October 31, 2022

Investment in land is not new, in fact this practice has been encouraged through generations by our ancestors from centuries. There are many benefits come along as perks when we buy a piece of land or in other words when we make a plot investment. For those who are new to the investment term, they may refer to the video in which we have discussed briefly about the investment and why people do invest. Also, you will learn how to appraise and compare the location of the plot before you decide to invest.

Why do people invest?

An investment is made keeping 3 things into consideration. First is the Asset, second is Financial Security and third is the appreciation which you will definitely receive provided you have picked up the right location of the land.

As per our observation, all the successful billionaires be it Industrialists, Actors, Academicians, Top World Class Athletes, Organisations like Tata, Reliance, Adani, or when you around any of your favourite influencer or a public figure they all have invested at least 30% of their earnings into Real Estate portfolio. Now the reason could vary such as Wealth Creation, Short term gain and emotional reasons.

Benefits and Challenges of Plot Investment

When you purchase a plot for your personal use, you can have it design as per your choice, you can turn it into a villa or can have it structured like any mansion you want. An added advantage you get when you buy land that you can always reconstruct your home whenever you want to which is not possible in high-rise buildings or Builder floors. Most importantly the quality of the raw material is always up to you. In fact, if you want you can build a multistorey building and you can rent out the flats which will become one of your steady incomes.

Another benefit is that you can always rely on long-term appreciation which happens periodically. Since the land is limited therefore eventually the rates of the plot will increase and if you are into trading then you will be able to make substantial amount of profit.

Having said that, buying plot can put you through challenges, to being with if you are planning to get the loan, then we must tell you, it is not going to be easy. You would not receive tax benefits on the purchase of the plot.

Should you invest in the Plot right now?

Well that completely depends on the objective for which you want to invest in.

If yes, then which ones?

We have on the data, done extensive research to provide you with the best options in Delhi NCR. We have drawn the comparison among Sushant Lok, Dwarka Expressway, New Gurgaon and Southern Peripheral, Golf Course Ext. Road and DLF 1,2,3. We have illustrated through graph in the video to give a better overview on whether you should invest in the plots right now or not.

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